I follow only God, because His Light is the Essence of All Life - The Free Nun

It doesn't matter who or what I am. In the essence we are all the same. I am not here to convince anybody. The truth about our existence is in everybody. I am here to help (re)discover that. I feel like a nun, because I feel so connected to God since young age, but I do not live as a nun, nor follow any religion. I do respect every religion who represents the true light God is. After many years of devotional work and understanding the essence of life the name The Free Nun came to me to use for my work. I lead as far as I can a normal life with my 2 daughters and our animals. Through my own life and the people who crossed my path the gifts I carry with me revealed to me. I feel blessed and honored to help others to rediscover their true nature and contribute to bring some light into the world.

My Divine Gift is to activate the light.