Blessings & Healings

every Monday 8pm cet

Blessings are divine interventions,helping you on your path. God's light is everywhere,but it is up to you if you want to connect with it. Open your heart to receive His/Her Guidance. We are made in His/Her image, this means as well thatwe are able to bless ourselves. (see video
Join me by tuning in in silence. Sit or laydown and place one hand on your heart and the other on your solar plexis (stomach)
If you want you can sent me your name and date of birth for blessings . 

 Blessing & Healing Travels

God loves you endlessly  and will guide you Home to His Kingdom of Light. Even if the road is not that easy, He is always with you. Have faith my beloved Brother or Sister.
The Free Nun
I am traveling wherever God wants me to be to bless and inspire those in need.
contact me to arrange something in your neighborhood. 

Heal Each other

During the gatherings I am making people conscious of the power which we are all contected so that we learn to heal each other. Healing will already happen by giving attention, a smlie, an embracement, touching and more. The transmission of the healng power is in the attention. If the intention is pure the heart will open and we become a channel of God's light and love.