God loves you endlessly  and will guide you Home to His Kingdom of Light. Even if the road is not that easy, He is always with you. Have faith my beloved Ones.
Have Faith!

The Free Nun

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6 April Divine Unison Day

This day is chosen by Divine Source as the day  for all human beings to come together as one. On this day the gateway of Divinity is open for us all, so that we can transform everything that is holding us back from living the life we suppose to live, the essence of our being without borders or what so ever. It is a down pouring of the light in our system. The more our heart is open in love, the more light can be poured in our system. For me it feels like a reset and recharge of our body. Join this day in meditation and prayer so that we can put the first steps into a future in peace, love, harmony, bliss, gratitude, oneness and so on. I hope you have a beautiful blessed light day.


Blessings & Healings

every Monday 8pm cet


Blessings are divine interventions,helping you on your path. God's light is everywhere,but it is up to you if you want to connect with it. Open your heart to receive His/Her Guidance. We are made in His/Her image, this means as well thatwe are able to bless ourselves.
Join me by tuning in in silence. Sit or laydown and place one hand on your heart and the other on your solar plexis (stomach)
If you want you can sent me your name and date of birth for blessings .

Healing Gatherings

Healing for me is the recovery of the connection with our essence (the light) so that we can come to our destination. During the healing gatherings connection is made with your deeper inner being to free your essence of layers or veils that block the flow of His light. Generally most people experience to be lightened out of the situation they are in, so that they can experience their essence.  Everybody's experience is unique. Some experience direct healing for others it will take more time. Keeping faith will help this  process. After all, He will carry you through it, until you understand you are His light and can heal yourself. We ourselves can help this process by letting our thought and feelings flow from love.and pray.
A tour is being planned, but if you would like to organize a gathering please contact me.Due to the virus no planning can be made. But please join in the distant blessings every monday. 

Healing Gathering Dates (Soon as the corona virus is 'healed' )