The Light

From my own experience I can say that God’s light is incredible. It is so pure and clear and hard to imagine. It has qualities that can’t be analysed. I will try to describe His power. The divine light doesn’t know any darkness. That means no anger, fear, pain, suffering, destruction, conflict you name it. All things that make us feel bad. During my classes I always mentioned that, where there is light, there can’t be darkness. For example take the light bulb. If it shines, it’s not dark anymore. But I couldn’t imagine what it really meant, until I experienced it.  The moment I realized that  God lives in me and I am the light, situations I encountered, which made me emotional, sad, frustrated, angry where whipped away like they never existed. The Light really took away not only the emotional burden, but as well the mental one. It is really incredible. It brings harmony in every situation! All this made me realize that God is actually our only savior. and we need to follow Him.

There is only one way to become the Light we truly are, and that’s through Love, unconditional love. Love and light are interconnected. When love grows, the light expands. I have realized that love is the strongest energy there is to get to the light. In my opinion love conquers all. It is the only force that can break through all negativity. In fact, God’s love is around us all the time, we only need to open our hearts to receive it and let it guide us. The more we understand and integrate love in our life, the more the light of God can shine through us. It is our own choice: do we want to continue to live our life in insecurity or do we want to live in His Light? From my own experience I can say it is so worthwhile. Not only will you remember who you truly are, you also discover inner happiness, love, strength, self-worth, peace but most of all faith. 

It doesn't matter what situation you are in, the way is for all the same: Love