God is an Endless Source of Love and a Sea of Light 

Rediscover His Love and Light: Join me

Knowing God is Knowing Yourself

The Free Nun

Beloved Ones

If you know God like I do, you would realise how much we are alike. God represents the pure intelligent energy as  Divine Light. I see this light in everybody, unfortuantely not active. Our goal in this life is to rediscover this light in ourselves, which will free us in many many ways. I am here to help you discover and activate the essence of your being: The Light. - The Free Nun

note:I speak about God in a personal form, but God is not a person, but energy and well the universal intelligent energy. In the eBook 'Why God',  I use She to allow love and softness to penetrate deeper and to break through set patterns. But God is neutral in my eyes, and if we want to represent our true nature God, we should actually not make any distinction in any way, .